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Templarkey for The Knights Templar Keys, History, Myths, Tours, Products, and all things Esoteric

Services We Provide


Templarkey provides various individual or group tours within sacred sites in France. These are highly esoteric and based on considerable in-depth research. Some of the tours are not only historical but also spiritual and initiatory.

Esoteric Workshops

Templarkey offers high-level one-to-one and group esoteric workshops. We reveal secret keys and techniques used within SufismBuddhism, Primitive Christianity, and Yoga/Tantra, fully linked with Neuroscience.


Templarkey teaches non-dual/primitive, medieval Templar Christianity. Our teachings within France reveal many facts and differences between the myths and histories of France, which are not disclosed even by best-selling authors.

The Templarkey Team, our mission (what we provide & represent)

Templarkey logoTemplarkey is mainly based in France, and through this website, you will have access to real French esoterism and Gnostic teachings. Templarkey strives to show the difference between pseudo history/myth and real history.

At Templarkey we offer many services, which include access to Gnostic and Spiritual Teachings, Tours (actual and virtual), products, and services regarding Knights Templar, Knight Hospitaliers, Knights of Malta, and all things Esoteric.

Within our Articles and Magazines are topics such as Templar History, Knights, Symbology, Mythology, Egyptology, Christianity, Religion, Pagans/Paganism, Avebury and Stonehenge, Cathars, Freemasons, Jesus, Mary Magdelene, Rex Deus, Priory of Sion, Rennes-Le-Château, Desposyni, Wicca, The DaVinci Code, Oak Island, French Esoteric Tradition, Religious Art, Masons, Sufi, Buddhism, Tantric Teachings, Extraterrestrials, Clairvoyance, Geomancy, Reiki, Astrology, Dowsing, Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Tarot, and a range of other interesting topics.

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    The Templarkey Magazines

    Templarkey was founded in 2021 to fill the void between non-experts and academics in the world of esotericism. 

    Templarkey created a new magazine (Issue 1 October 2021) to give non-french speaking people access to highly esoteric material. We aim to combat the deception and pseudo-history in best-selling books and some documentaries that use outdated, poorly referenced, or even misinformed esoteric information. 

    This revolutionary new magazine is available to the general public for the first time. It comes to you directly from French mystery schools and is fully available in English.

    The Templarkey Magazine has between 80 and 100 pages of content and includes gnostic and initiatic teachings. With the purchase of this magazine, you will also have access to the member’s area, which has an instant messaging service where members can ask questions regarding the Gnostic teachings within The Magazines.

    You can also use the free Tarot and Rune readings. Members will automatically receive the free monthly PDF newsletter and a free personalized Templarkey Membership certificate.

    Spiritual Tours & Workshops

    Some Of Our Regular Contributors

    Templarkey - templarkey homepage

    Sally Elizabeth Jacobs

    Sally, Sophia Christophora is an Episcopal Vicar in Haute Eglise Libérale Indépendante Orthodoxe Syriaque (HELIOS) France under the Law 1905. She is a professional Photographer and Tour Company Owner. Sally also has distinction-level Diplomas in Advanced Crystal Healing, Chakra and Aura Healing/Reiki, and Distance Healing.

    Initiate in Memphis-Misraïm and Martinism, Dame Knight Templar in the Ordre Secret du Temple from Fabre Palaprat, and a member of Inner Orders in the South of France.

    She is an ethnological researcher on popular and traditional religions and their associated rites, such as beliefs, traditional witchcraft in France, superstitions, witchcraft, and traditional and therapeutic medicine, for the UNESCO-recognized organization of S.E.R.E.S.T.

    She is a researcher of the Craft Degrees within Masonry and Compagnonnage of France and Medieval Christianity. She is a Red Sufi in the ‘Red Sufi School of France.’

    Sally was also a showjumper of horses at the National Competition Level and also practiced Horse Whispering to train and school horses.

    Templarkey - templarkey homepage

    Archbishop Tau Christophoros

    Manager within the Education System. Brought up and lived in Albi (Albigensians, after the city Albi in southern France where the Cathar movement first took hold).

    Archbishop and Rector of the Rite of the Precious Blood of the Rose-Croix in the Haute Eglise Libérale Indépendante Orthodoxe Syriaque (HELIOS) in France under the Law 1905.

    This church is seen as a Cathar Church for some due to some transmissions being preserved to this day.

    He received a transmission of the Arcane of Juliano Kremmerz the ‘Egyptian Osirian Order’ (beyond the Myriam Order) by Frater IJK. He has also received other transmissions by Father Antoine.

    He is a writer of teachings for a French Esoteric School and their website and is a Red Sufi in the ‘Red Sufi School of France.’

    He is a Reiki Level 4 Master teacher and has Taken Refuge in Buddhism and Bodhisattva vows in Tibetan, Vietnamese, and the Chinese tradition of the Pure Land.

    Thierry murcia - templarkey contributor

    Thierry Murcia PhD

    Thierry Murcia is a French historian (Doctor in History with the highest honours, unanimous jury congratulations and special mention), Associate Member of the UMR 7297 (Unité Mixte de Recherche = Joint Research Unit), who specializes in the study of ancient Judaism and early Christianity.

    He reads Hebrew, Greek, and Latin fluently and deciphers Aramaic. This enables him to work on texts in the languages in which they have been passed down and contributes to the authenticity of his findings.

    His study Jésus dans le Talmud: et la littérature rabbinique ancienne, Turnhout, Brepols, 2014,  presents a survey and a systematic analysis of the passages of Talmudic literature (Mishna – Tosefta – Palestinian Talmud – Babylonian Talmud – Midrashim), relative to Jesus. Thierry’s latest academic book is Marie Appelée La Magdaléenne.


    Aix-Marseille University, Centre Paul-Albert Février, CNRS, TDMAM UMR 7297, 13094 Aix-en-Provence, France., Associate Research Scholar.

    Jacob jacobs - templarkey contributor

    Jacob Kerr B.A.

    B.A. in Classics from the University of Manchester. Jacob has immense knowledge of history and literature. He is our co-editor for the magazine and has contributed to researching complex topics, helping us assimilate them into understandable concepts.

    Jacob is a proficient Shakespearean playwright with in-depth knowledge of Dante and other great poets. He is a company director at Fiatlux Publishing House. He is currently working as a freelance editor and copywriter.

    Jacob has a comprehensive understanding of esoteric and gnostic information, has traveled to many historical sites in Europe and the Middle East, is highly read on the great philosophers (Greek and contemporary), and is a valuable contributor to Templarkey.

    Templarkey - templarkey homepage

    Frater IJK

    He is 78, losing thirty years of his life within esoteric circles and alchemy, and considered all he had accomplished within very high secret orders worthless. He possesses The Arcana Arcanorum of the Osirian Egyptian Kremmerz Order and beyond.

    Frater IJK is also a practitioner in the Bon Dzogchen, passing the time in Dark Retreat every day and considering that to be above and beyond all other esoteric practices.

    Dragon Master Order, Gnostic Archbishop, and received The Camazotz transmission.
    He is a secret, hidden Master; no bio can fulfill his esoteric qualities. He is engaged in non-dualistic paths such as Advaita Vedanta.

    Père antoine

    Père Antoine

    Père Antoine is a Spiritual therapist – Light therapist Orthodox priest, theologian, alchemist, and psychoanalyst who has been consulting for over 30 years. Elizabeth Van Buren hired him to research Rennes-le-Château, and he is an expert on all subjects related to Rennes-le-Château, including LA VRAIE LANGUE CELTIQUE by Abbé Henri Boudet.

    Père Antoine is a great practitioner of the noble art of alchemy and has spent a lifetime within the highest esoteric circles; he is an expert on Eastern and Western mysticism and traditional witchcraft. He studied the culture of the Latin church, Orthodox Christianity, and Medieval Christianity, with the practices of oratory, laboratory, and interior alchemy practiced in certain monasteries in those times—also, Siberian shamanism and Buddhism.

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